Decoding The Reason Behind The Sudden Rise In Property Registrations In Pune

Decoding The Reason Behind The Sudden Rise In Property Registrations In Pune

Pune is fast emerging as the hotspot for home buyers and realtors as well. The locational advantage of being close to India’s financial capital, establishment of IT parks, rapid progress in infrastructure, combined with the city being a favoured manufacturing hub have catapulted it as a hot real estate destination.

While every metro/city has witnessed rapid strides in real estate development, reports have proved that there has been a sudden rise in the number of property registrations in Pune in the last couple of years.

What are the factors that have contributed to this eventual demand for property in Pune?

Better Capital Value Appreciation

Compared to other metros, properties in Pune have recorded a better appreciation. As per reports high end properties have seen the highest average appreciation. In fact East Pune has witnessed a 65% growth in capital value in the high end property segment, while the mid segment has experienced a 38% increase. This explains the reason why there is a spurt in property registrations in Pune. If you are looking for a steady and appreciable ROI, investing in Pune real estate is the answer.

Better Rental Yields

Of late, there is a steady demand of flats in pune for rent. The influx of migrants, the students and those moving in for employment has seen a sudden rise. Especially in East Pune which houses the IT parks, the airport and is supported by excellent connectivity and infrastructure, the demand for homes is pretty high. This has been the reason for better rental yields. To cash in on this opportunity, there has been a high demand in the mid segment homes.

Emergence As the Knowledge Hub

Pune is famed for its educational institutions and this brings in an influx of the student population which is in need for housing. The development of Pune as an IT hub has also contributed to the rise in the number of professionals wanting to make Pune their home. As a result there is a demand for township projects which are coming up in areas like Baner, Wakad, and Viman Nagar.

Affordable Housing

What makes Pune the ideal real estate destination is its offer of affordable housing. Unlike other cities, for instance Mumbai where homes have gone beyond the reach of the average middle class, Pune offers a choice of homes right from mid segment apartments to high end residences. It is one of the safe options to park your investment in realty. Areas like Baner, Chinchwad and Magarpatta have witnessed a high rate of absorption in respect of residential housing.

Well Developed Infrastructure

For any city to attract investment, it needs to be well developed in terms of infrastructure. If IT giants and leading manufacturing companies ( TATA, Bajaj, Kirloskar) have decided to set base in Pune, it is thanks to the excellent infrastructure in terms of connectivity. Better connectivity has led to development of a number of CBD’s thus resulting in phased development across the city and its suburbs.

Pune, the cultural capital of Maharashtra is a growing city and a preferred choice among the retired, students and young professionals. Offering a lively atmosphere with a fine balance of the old and the new world, Pune is the bright spot for investors.

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Residential Flats in Rajarhat Setting the New Realty Standards in the City

The modern age is witnessing a tremendous growth of the metro cities in the extensive expanse of real estate Kolkata. It won’t be wrong to say that the real estate industry in Kolkata have envisaged an enormous growth since last few decades. By proffering ample luxury options to the residents, blooming residential projects in the City of Joy have succeeded to entice a massive crowd from here, there, and everywhere. The skyscraper apartments, offering outstanding architectural brilliance and stupendous living amenities, have gone to a great length for complementing the high-end cosmopolitan ethos of the citizens. The inflow of revolutionary real estate trends have led to an appreciation of the entire quality of residential projects in Kolkata. Among a number of imminent housing projects in the city, the real estate hub in Rajarhat is worth applause.

A deep insight into the residential property:

 There is no doubt that Kolkata is growing at regular intervals. Several parts of India have finally woken up from their economic slumber, and Kolkata is supervising the revival. Among many booming projects, the real estate hubs emerged in the bosom of Rajarhat need special regard. Initiated its endeavor a few years back, the Residential Flats in Rajarhat have succeeded in enticing the residents from every nook and corner of the city. The astonishing popularity of the housing projects can be attributed to a gamut of causes that are precised right below-

Having initiated its endeavor a couple of years back, the thriving realty industry of Kolkata have experienced a huge popularity these days. Emerged with the prime objective of buying, leasing, growing, and hiring both the commercial as well as residential complexes, the realty hubs in Kolkata have been successful in hitting headlines regularly. It won’t be exaggerating to state that the luxury housing complexes in Rajarhat have played a highly crucial role in leading Kolkata down the path of victory and success.

The excellence and resolute reputation of the apartments in Rajarhat can be attributed to the quality, efficiency, trust, transparency, a bunch of meticulous construction strategies backed by impeccable design, architectural brilliance, quality, prompt work culture that puts stress on utmost professionalism and pondered diligence. Most importantly, it is their passion to excel, which has always helped these blooming realty projects reach the topmost crest of affluence and prosperity.

Having unfolded its territory in a strategic location at Rajarhat, the skyscraper flats in Rajarhat for Sale have successfully drawn the crowd from everywhere. The residential projects’ proximity to the IT sectors, renowned shopping complexes, reputed educational institutions, and prime healthcare centers etc. have helped them facilitate their residents to a great extent. Providing many impeccable living amenities including specious apartments, encompassing lush greenery, and tons of arrangements for recreational activities etc. the completed housing complexes in Rajarhat have successfully complemented the high-end cosmopolitan ethos of the metro citizens.

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Future Lifestyle of Smart City L Zone Dwarka Delhi

Smart city L zone dwarka Delhi is envisaged to be a major and the central hub for population in future. The zone usually covers an area of almost 22,979 hectares. In the desire to meet the elevated standard of living in the metro city life, the zone is properly designed with highly advanced facilities, significant amenities and has easy access to the upcoming Delhi’s largest Golf Course as well. There are lots of l zone developers. These l zone areas of various real estate developers in Delhi NCR’ are located nearby NH-10/Rohtak Road and Railway line in the North side and L Zone Dwarka Sub-City in the East side.

These days, due to the most well-connected zone of the city which makes L Zone Delhi as a highly sought after options of residential projects l zone in the coming five years. The Zone L is highly envisioned to be the next area to convenient as per the space concerned issue in the city. If someone wanted to know the best time to invest in real estate property, the time is right now and the place is for sure L zone.

Alos know WTC Chandigarh and  Hazel Heights kundli Sonipat

According to the MPD 2021, the Farm Houses are now also got licensed which is assigned under the ‘green belt’. Delhi Government has given approx. 900 acres in L Zone for the sources of water reservoir. In the near future, L Zone dwarka will come out as the highly sought option after property in the city.



Such L zone developers are designed with highly advanced facilities. Healthcare is most important faculty and a hierarchy of health facilities / hospitals has been also proposed to meet the needs of lacs of population of the zone and is also provide 5 hospitals including beds per thousand populations.


Educational facility is other important amenities at upcoming residential projects in dwarka L zone which has enable maximum utilization of all the resources and available education infrastructure. The zone usually covers an area which creates policies and concerned norms. Such norms have been recognized in the Master Plan.


In the messy metro city life, the L zone dwarka Delhi is perfectly decked with all the elite amenities and has proper access to the upcoming Delhi’s largest Golf Course. In the zone, the entire site perfect sports Training Institute for the sports lovers. Here one can get all the new sports facilities. One can get the hierarchy of leading divisional sports centre / Golf Course, District Sports Centre and Community

Amrapali Launches “Adarsh Awas Yojana”


The L zone developers are also consist with highly advanced communication facilities. The zone has the two plots of Head Post and two plots of Telephone Exchange which is of 2500 sq.m. Remote subscriber units within the given radius of 3 Km and each of it’s is 300 sq.m. Shall also be offered in the sector / scheme at defined location.


Here one will get proper security facilities. Police Station / Police Post, Police Lines and Jail etc. are 24×7 available and shall be provided in Public / Semipublic use. Area for the Fire Station has been also proposed and soon to be started.

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WTC Chandigarh – Project, Constructed With The Latest Amenities

World Trade Center, Chandigarh or WTC Chandigarh is all readied to finish up the new introducing of the premium world level relationship in the city delightful. It is only the right time for a venture like this to create at an area like Chandigarh. WTC has spearheaded the advancement of business undertakings all through the globe and has offered its business related base in urban areas like Ahmadabad, Noida, Gurgaon and Faridabad. Every one of these urban communities have been admirably decided for business land improvement by rumors World Trade Center Organization subsequent to seeing the potential that exists in these areas. WTC association is giving the best offer to financial specialists and people to get up and put into business division for workplaces and retail purposes.

WTC Chandigarh is the new plug advancement, will be developed in the Chandigarh city, it is arranged in Mohali, Chandigarh. It helps Chandigarh parcel in the realty development, particularly in the business division. The Real home in Chandigarh is viewed as one of the best lodging improvements by the Indian Government. The city has seen countless moving into the city and thus adding to an interest for suitable private civilities in the Chandigarh land. Manufacturers and property developers have been prompted to change over this interest. Property in the Chandigarh summons a spot among the best hypothesis properties in the nation. The land properties in the Chandigarh have dependably been on high demands. In today’s business sector, one must consider getting the greatest quality at the cost which they will pay upon.

WTC Chandigarh will give all essential and advanced enhancements to its tenants with best in class foundation. A few components of WTC Chandigarh incorporate propelled security frameworks, authoritative administrations, client administrations, full power go down and continuous water supply. The base takes after green building practices to add to a concurrence with nature in this way diminishing ecological harms. World Trade Center, Chandigarh is along these lines the new address for business spaces and related development for organizations. Getting the workplace spaces at a sensible cost is one of the best choices to go out put into it for high rate of return and one of the best alternative to get the secured return moreover. The affiliations, having working environment spaces in the WTC is taking delight in International benchmarks of accommodations and mastery included video conferencing office, steady admission to the Internet, little, individual temporary meeting spot, innovative business rooms, and transformation aptitudes.

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Interested in Selling? Start by Knowing Your Home’s Value

If you are motivated seller, someone who wants to sell home fast, you can go the traditional route by hiring an agent or you can put it on the market AS-IS. Remodeling companies, such as Whitestone Acquisitions, buy homes in any condition to renovate and resell. We offer opportunities to people who might need to sell an inherited home in Denver or want cash for houses in Houston or Dallas. Before you go either route, you might want to do some preliminary research to determine your home’s value. You can start with these tips.

Look online or in print for houses in your neighborhood. Many real estate websites will allow you to search for homes. You can put in your address and see what pops up near your house. This will give you an idea of the range of housing prices available.

  1. Ask an agent. You don’t have an obligation to contract services with an agent. You can have an agent you trust to come to your home to evaluate. He or she will let you know what they think the market will accept.
  2. Get an appraisal. If you want to sell house fast Dallas, you might want to hire an appraisal company to determine your home’s worth. This appraisal could be lower than the true value, but it can be worth the money spent. You can also check out Cambridge Residences
  3. Go online for a free home analysis. Many companies offer you a way for you to determine what your home is worth by filling out a questionnaire online.

  1. Consider features. If you want to sell fast in Denver has a fireplace, this could be an extra selling point. A home you want to sell fast in Dallas might be worth more if it has a pool.

  1. Consider square footage. When looking online, you want to pick homes that have the same number of square feet of living space. Otherwise, you won’t have an accurate comparable.

  1. Drive your neighborhood. Drive around your area. Look for the houses selling. If there are printed fliers, take one. Read the features and price. Look for the AS-IS properties to determine what price is on them. You also will want to check out the homes you found online that are compared to your house to see if the listing is accurate.

Buying property in Bangalore? New start-up makes it easy.

  1. Go to open houses. This is an easy way to determine what your neighbors are pricing their homes. You also get the opportunity to pick the agent’s brain regarding marketability in the neighborhood.

  1. Make sure you have the same numbers of bedrooms and baths. When you are comparing the house you want to sell fast in Houston to the others, make sure you have the same number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Otherwise, the comparable won’t be accurate to what you want to price your house.

  1. Check year built. If your house was built in 1990, you don’t want to price it the same as the one built in 2013.

If you want to sell your home as quickly as possible, you will want to price your home below what you find online to attract investors. Visit for help in assessing your home value.

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Why Do You Wish To Choose A Completely Equipped Flat?

Everybody in this universe wants to move their own house forever; we want a place which they can call home. We save a lot of money to make their homes and then later when they get it, they feel too great about it. Earlier people used to make proper houses like bungalows, houses with bigger areas but now it isn’t possible that easily. They are very expensive and their possession takes a lot of time. Today technology has improved too much and thus new types of houses have been introduced, they are called flats.

The flats are not big houses, but are part of big houses with a lot of other parts. They have been beautifully designed and also the demands of people have been clearly looked in. Today we all our very busy and don’t have much time to maintain a full bungalow but maintenance of a flat isn’t that difficult. It doesn’t require too much time and money. A survey has shown that fifty per cent of people still prefer to move to individual houses like bungalows and not the flats. Another survey has shown that moving to a flat have become quite common and popular now days among a lot of people. There is a big confusion as well, because the property dealers provide us with both the options to people when they are showing us the houses.

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Moving to a different place isn’t easy, even if it had been your dream forever, then also it does take time and a lot of things need to be checked. Like for an instance all the things need to be changed, our gas connection or our phone connection would be changed, we’ll have a different address completely. We all have different desires and priorities, getting individual houses in a great area with all the facilities aren’t in reach of every person’s account balance. So it’s preferable to move to a flat rather than an individual as there are a lot of advantages of moving to a flat like flats in Dehradun.


We all prefer to have our house in the best location of the city, a place where everything is available is quite easily available and you are near to the best places as well like the malls and the airports. Living in a bungalow wouldn’t necessarily give you this benefit. The locations of the colonies in which the flats are built are specifically chosen by the builders like builders in Dehradun properly by keeping all these things in mind. So we can be near to all our lovable places and enjoy everything by living in the flat.

Also check out the related Property in N zone Delhi

No repairs

Whichever house we are moving, its maintenance is extremely important. If we have chosen to live in an individual house like a bungalow then the maintenance would be more time consuming and cost consuming unlike flats. Flats have less area to be maintained and thus it can be maintained more properly. We will find people to help, more easily as compared to the situation if we our living in an individual house.

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Groundbreaking Reasons why Live in a Better Residential Apartment

There are so many reasons to build a better home or house in a very conducive environment or locality. Or perhaps renting and purchasing blocks of buildings and flats in localities where you will be proud of. This will help a house owner to live better and comfortably, and happily in his or her apartment.

Achieving such an aim or objective could only be possible when you hire the services of a better and reputable real estate development company or estate developers. Honest estate developer agents and consultant companies can be the very best tool to use in either in Purchasing or in building a residential home. An estate developer such as Developers Faridabad is an example of real estate Company to try out. There are also lots of good and reliable real estate developers out there, who will be willing to respect and understand your course.

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*Living a Better Residential Apartment Means Living Large: It definitely means that you are living very large and mighty. Have you ever considered giving it a second thought? Asides from the accolades and reputation that you win and bag for yourself, it is also considered that persons who live in choice classy and conducive houses are often considered to be living in luxury and comfort.

*Living in a Better Residential Apartment Means Good health: Have you ever considered asking your doctor the reason while people who live in swampy and tattered environments and residential building ‘often fall and bow to deadly diseases and sicknesses of all sorts? Living in a clean, good and welcoming living environment can help one attain longevity. You don’t really need to go for exotic and luxurious homes nor residential areas, all you need is to consult a good real estate developer and indicate your ideas. For e.g., real estate developers and builders like KLJ Developers in Faridabad will only be there to present you with reasonably priced and yet exclusively developed homes where you will live comfortably and happily with your family.

DDA Master Plan 2021 N Zone

*Living in a Better Residential Apartment Means Access to Infrastructure: Everyone needs the best out of life, the matured adults, Parents and well as their kids and even the unborn child. Buying a living apartment and residential building in places on notable cleanliness and accolade will help you to achieve your aims and objectives. Even without you having needed to do some stress and troubles; or perhaps undergo a very rigorous procedure. For e.g., you children will access to Good roads, Good educational facilities, schooling in the best schools and bagging good grades, having access to urban and Contemporary features such as the modern hospitals and clinics etc.

*Living in a better Residential Apartment Means Connection: Living in a very socially upgraded environment and vicinity can be a source of inspiration to most people. Anyone may just rise from nobody to fame and stardom in such a community. Meeting with new friends and strangers can also be the most interesting part of it; since some people may tend to be more influential and well known than the rest of others. Now how do you go about your plans, consult a well known real estate agent today and get your special discounts on houses. KLJ Developers Faridabad is good examples of Companies you can consult.

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Are you searching for Good Real Estate Brokers in Abu Dhabi?

Are you new in Abu Dhabi and seeking to get accommodated to steer a peaceable life? Have you ever heard that discovering property in Abu Dhabi is one way or the other tough in case you go searching of your individual? That’s true however to make the process problem free, that you must discover the correct actual property agent who might take heed to you, simply perceive your wants and rapidly provide you with one of the best potentialities you’re truly on the lookout for. If you happen to ever attempt to perceive the monopoly of actual property market in Abu Dhabi, you’re going to get to know that not each actual property agent take into consideration your curiosity and lots of of them are primarily centered on their earnings on the finish of the day, which retains them to not suppose an excessive amount of about what you wish to purchase.

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In case you are actually within the hunt of real estate brokers in Abu Dhabi, then its essential take some elements into consideration whereas selecting and finalizing it. The largest benefit of an actual property agent may be seen when he/she does what you need reminiscent of, if you say you want a partial wall or roof ceiling home windows in your bed room or with regards to pricing, you ask your agent to provide you with a property possibility restricted to 1.5M AED however many brokers name or e-mail you choices quiet removed from the required budgeted.


It appears irritating, isn’t it? It’s higher to not choose an agent till you discover what’s finest for you and below your price range restrict.


One other high quality an agent should have is 360 information of the true property market as once you ask for particular standards to be crammed, you anticipate out of your agent to reply correctly and inside the appropriate timing to your want; and begin scheduling viewings that match your expectations. Make issues crystal clear along with your contacted brokers from the beginning and supply them the want record of necessities and choices. A consumer ought to really feel as if he’s the one consumer that an agent is treating, it is best to really feel comfy and safe; and precedence must be on the highest degree of the agent’s to-do record.


Each actual property agent may be good or unhealthy, relying on the request, finances, consumer habits, market standing and so forth. However the query arises right here, easy methods to discover the agent? You’ll be able to simply remedy this dilemma to discover a reputed actual property firm in Abu Dhabi by way of the net, referred from your mates and colleagues or you too can verify Abu Dhabi Open Houses organized by the most effective actual property corporations. The suggestions popping out out of your close to and pricey ones may lead you to the suitable path and discover your dream residence for you. A property search must be a full time job for a few days, ship requests to numerous actual property brokers inside the area, evaluate the calls again timing and high quality of service, ranging from the primary contact level, then proceed by elimination till you make your level on the ultimate chosen company that matches your style.

Also check out the DDA Housing Scheme 2016


Nationwide Center East Properties could possibly be your accomplice to finish your search and provide help to to make your dream come true by supplying you with one of the best choices out there in Abu Dhabi, in line with your wants and most significantly the funds. The actual property brokers at Nationwide care about their purchasers, with reaching a referrals charge of 25%, Nationwide make of it it’s pleasure and can by no means cease this snowball the approaching years. Be a part of the Nationwide household at the moment and be part of Abu Dhabi neighborhood tomorrow.

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Super Corridor – A Well-developed Residential Locality of Indore

Indore, the economic nerve center of Madhya Pradesh is famous for its gigantic industrial base housing acclaimed industries in various sectors including textile, IT, medical and health care, agriculture and many more. Additionally, the city has a presence of many reputed educational institutions and these great avenues have attracted people from different walks of the life. This migration has encouraged the developers to meet up the mushrooming housing demand by coming up with residential projects ranging from 1 BHK affordable apartments to high rise residential complexes. The sales of existing projects and development of new housing Schemes units have contributed in the growth of city’s realty industry.


To facilitate the perfect living conditions, the state government has made necessary improvements in the sectors of infrastructure and roads, connectivity, commercial and civic amenities. The significance of improvements in the aforementioned sectors has influenced developers to scout for land parcels in order to earn a good amount of profits in the coming years. Likewise, Supper Corridor, a well-developed locality of the city has been witnessing the development of many new housing projects. The primary reason for the ongoing construction is its superlative connectivity. Residents enjoy smooth access to other parts of the city as the robust and connective roads provide them a hassle-free commute to the desired locations.

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Additionally, proximity to workstations, international airport, educational institutions and other essential civic utilities has also attracted the potential buyers to invest in the locality’s residential properties. Therefore, the unison of these factors in the locality has made it an ideal location to reside in.


So if you are a prospective buyer who wishes to invest in the residential properties priced in a suitable range then consider the following projects coming up in Super Corridor.



Dcnpl Hills Vistaa, an upcoming residential project by Dcnpl Builders is located in Super Corridor, Indore. The project offers skillfully designed 2-4 BHK apartments and spacious 4BHK independent villas. These residential apartments will be available in a price range of Rs. 32.13-64.26 lakh. The residential project is well equipped with facilities and world class amenities including conference room, meditation center, clubhouse, power backup, car parking, sports facility, kids play area, swimming pool, gym, landscape, lift, Wi-Fi connectivity, rain water harvesting, sewage treatment plant, open space, paved compound, among others. The group has decided to start the possession of the apartments by December 2015.

Seac Kuber Heights, an upcoming residential project by Seac Builders is located in super Corridor, Indore. The project offers well-designed 1-3 BHK apartments which will be available in a price range of Rs. 10.98-25.11 lakh. The project promises to offer ultra-modern facilities and amenities including clubhouse, swimming pool, and power back up, lift, car parking, Wi-Fi connectivity and many more. The project is well connected by all the means of public transit systems. The group will start the possession of the project by October 2015.

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Cambridge Residences Dubai

Cambridge Residence is one of the famous names which are all dedicated to provide one bed room, studio apartments and central park constructed in the area of 26,000 square meter land to the people who are looking for their own house. All infused with the aim of providing a place enriched with lifestyle and much preferred place to live in, focuses at providing world class amenities to the families and young people who enjoy outdoor lifestyle. Needless to say, it will provide all the amenities which are enjoyed by the people living in foreign countries.


The upcoming Cambridge Residences Dubai is a promising scheme put forward by the Cambridge at Sheikh Bin Mohammed Zyed Road and Dubai International City 3. The named location can be easily reachable from Al Rashidiya metro station within 10 minutes’ drive. Can you imagine Mirdif City Center is just 12 minutes’ drive away from the location?


One of the astounding features of the location is that Dubai International Airport is also near to the place. It will take just 15 minutes to drive through to the airport. Jumeirah Beach can be traced within 25 minutes’ drive and Famous Burj Khalifa is just 22 minutes away in the car. Dubai Mall and Downtown both are also nearby and can be accessed within 25-30 minutes’ drive.


For hopeful aspirants there is an availability of 16 units of studio apartments and 69 units of 1 BHK apartments. Studio apartments can be purchased by paying AED 2.30 L / INR 44 Lacs to AED 4.23 L / INR 78.38 Lacs whereas 1 BHK can be claimed for AED 4.14 / INR 78.5 L to AED 80.0 L / INR 1.48 Cr. Payment plans are further adding fuel to the fire which is making it hot amongst the youngsters.


The enticing payment options are very liberal and easy payable where the entire amount is divided into 10%, 40 %. 25 % and 25 % of the sale price. A wishful buyer needs to pay 10 % of the value of the apartment at the time of registration. 40 % of the leftover sale price needs to be paid within 30 days. 25 % of the due amount is paid within 180 days and remaining 25 % sale price can be paid within 365 days. In short,an individual need not pay the lump sum rather pay the amount in easily payable installments. That makes it more enticing to the people who wish to enjoy luxurious life and are working hard to buy a dream house within their reach.


There is also the provision of outdoor sports activities. Educational and medical facilities are also at the hit list of Cambridge Residences Dubai. Gymnasium, running tracks, skateboard parks, swimming pool, cycle tracks, desert palm polo club, children’s play area and entertainment facilities are just handful to name the facilities which a buyer will enjoy at the Cambridge Residences Dubai. It targets at meeting the needs of middle class income and lifestyle bracket.


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